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Something Green: Child in Motion

This is my something green entry for March's photo challenge at Rock the Shot. My little subject was in constant motion just wanting to run and play, so after taking traditional portraits, I let her just run free, and decided to capture her in motion. I always aim at trying to capture the spirit of the child, or person in my portraits, and sometimes that does not necessarily mean I always capture their face. For this particular portrait, I had already captured her beautiful smile, so I wanted an image that also captured her energy. Slowing down the shutter speed, focusing on my subject, and then carefully panning the camera while she ran, let me create the blurred effect. I did this without a tripod since I did not have one handy and I did not want to miss the moment, but this same effect would be better pronounced if the camera was on a steady tripod.

Image by Jessica Larson, Strawberry Snails Photography.


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