Attention All Dancers!

Are you a dancer wanting beautiful pictures of you in movement, poised perfectly? Then this post is for you. I am a photographer but I am also a dancer. In fact most of my life, up to my most recent years, involved dance in some form or fashion. From classical ballet to East Indian traditional, I have danced and performed it all. I also know how frustrating it is to actually get great photos of yourself dancing. If you are a dancer who has already tried to get dance portraits taken then you understand what I am talking about, you often get photographs that are a perfectly lit image, but lack the understanding of dance form and do not reflect your true technique.

I know how dancers move, I understand technique and form, and I can give you beautiful images that properly reflect the dancer you are.

Whether you are a High School Senior that just wants some dance images to be a part of their senior pictures, or you are a dancer wanting images of their passion; call me today for your special stylized dance photo session.

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